Casino dice real money games

Posted By on February 3, 2020

Casino dice real money games

When somebody starts to mention any casino dice real money slots, mostly Sic Bo and online Craps table games are called. In reality, the number of dice entertainments is almost countless. They can be chosen at any casino or played with buddies at home.

Casino dice real money games basic rules of the game

When it comes to dice games, almost everyone says that Craps is the most often chosen casino dice real money entertainment. This game has special rules, which should be learned beforehand or during a free trial. Craps uses two dice with points from one to six. The game is played on a specially designed table. If it is a land casino, the sides of this table are so high that they prevent the dice from flying out.

There can be a large number of players in the game, often up to twenty. One player shoots the dice, he is called a shooter, and the other players bet on the result of his shoot. The main task of a gambler is to predict which combination will be formed after the dice stops and to place the appropriate bet.

If it is a land casino game, when a shooter loses, the dice are passed on to the next player to his left. At the moment, one to five dice are used in craps. The rules of the game are also varied: the simplest variant is an attempt to throw the greatest number of points at the same time. Private Craps are played at home. The dice casino game exists everywhere today.

Each participant must roll the dice in order. After that, the number of failed points is estimated. Usually, the biggest result wins. The number of dice is also determined by the rules of the selected game. In the dice game, people don’t play against each other, they play against the casino.

The bets in Craps

Craps is the dice game with the most complicated rules. Here, bets places are very important. Some of these bets have the following odds:

  • Pass Line — then a player gets 7 or 11, he wins;
  • Do not Pass line – he wins at 2 and 3, loses at 7, 11;
  • Come — 7 and 11 means the win; if it is 2, 3 and 12 the gambler has lost.
  • Do not Come — with 12, he will get the money back, with 2 or 3 he wins, and with 7 or 11 he loses.
  • Pass Line Odds — an additional bet in Craps casino dice real money game.

Other variants also exist, and the gambler should learn them “by heart”.

The coolest slots with dice

As was mentioned, Craps is the leader among the casino dice real money games, and some gambling resources even offer a special bonus for those, who pick it. The other variants that resemble it also exist. These are:

  • Sic Bo;
  • Die Rich;
  • Crapless Craps;
  • Hazard;
  • Klondike;
  • Banka Francesca, etc.

Each time it is always better to start playing these games for free. When the game rules become clear, strategies appear; and they let a person win more often.

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