Craps for beginners: little by little and one day you will become a craps millionaire

Posted By on September 11, 2020

For some good reasons craps traditionally are considered as one of the fairest games in the casino universe. With no cards involved, craps don’t allow anyone to use hyper complicated strategies to reveal opponents’ hands, to detect which cards left in a deck will be dealt during the next rounds and, what is more important, craps make it impossible to cheat. As a result, whether you are a seasoned gambling devotee or a fresh junior, no one could be called champion in craps (have you ever heard of craps tournaments?) and wear a craps global crown. Even a “craps for beginners” diadem.

Craps: overcoming a challenge

Nevertheless, despite an inability to perfect the art of all familiar card combinations, you can take advantage of pure dice mathematics and make dropping outcomes always to be in your favor. That sounds like a gambling fairy tail, but indeed it is a real truth: just imply the ultimate 2020 guide on craps for beginners and watch as thousands of AUD immediately appear at your casino account awaiting to be cashed in.

Shedding light on craps mystery

In less than 2 minutes: get prepared to win every time you come to a craps table.

  • Get oriented on outcome numbers with the most delightful frequency. For instance, 5-9 scores are shown much more frequently than 2 (1+1) or 12 (6+6). And for better or for worse, 7 values appear in approximately 17 cases out of 100. Why? 7 points have far too many ways to be created: 1+6, 2+5, 3+4, 4+3, 5+2, plus 6+1.
  • If the highest odds are your top preference, believe in the Pass / Don’t pass majesty. They boast unrivaled 49.29% and 47.93% winning probabilities, 1:1 payouts, and exciting house edges – 1.4%.
  • The second position of craps bets in odd rankings are held by three similar bets: Laying Odds 6 and 8, Laying Odds 5 and 9, and Laying Odds 4 and 10. All these wagers feature 16.67% rewarding chances, but with different payouts: 1:2 for 4 and 10, 2:3 for 5 and 9, 5:6 for 6 and 8.
  • If you have no intention to leave any part of your winnings in raking casino hands, you will love to invest in craps bets that have 0% house advantage. For instance, all Taking and all Laying Odds.

Learn this “Craps beginner strategy in 2020” by heart so that a small craps strategy for beginners calculator will surely pop up in your mind any moment you are playing the game.

Craps for everyone

However, counting only on craps strict formulas with wild percentages is the wrong way to succeed. To further set you on the road to untold craps treasures, we prepared an expert tutorial on craps for beginners: there are lots of universal insights you should be aware of to enjoy shooting actions, have fun with intriguing anticipation and collect craps rewards whenever and wherever you indulge in it.

  1. Get to know all possible bets in craps (even though in 99% cases craps gamers believe only in pass / don’t pass wagers, there are more than 15 betting options in the game!). Additionally, ask a dealer whether you are allowed to choose several bets at one round. That will boost your chances.
  2. Find true casinos (with lavish Las Vegas in their nature) that provide games of craps for beginners with warm compensations. Of course, getting into a bed run is quite disappointing, but at least with house cashback, you won’t lose the last dollars.
  3. Don’t take craps sessions as long streaks with interconnected rolling rounds. Every dice flight is a separate event.
  4. If you are the only one who lifts dice up in the air and drops them down on a table, don’t even try to cheat.

No matter how dice will land, if you stick to this craps strategy for beginners, you will definitely take the most out of any scores.

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