Strategies to dice games: do they work?

Posted By on February 24, 2020

Strategies to dice games and their effectiveness

Games with dices known now to most players as Craps and Sic Bo refer to the oldest ones. People even used to tell fortune throwing bones or stones (they replaced modern dice). Later, the game came to the land casinos, and at the end of the XX-th century, it appeared online.

Experienced gamblers that play this board game know a bunch of strategies to dice games, although still, none of them can be called the best one.

Strategies to dice games that let a player win

When playing dice, one should always adhere to the following rules:

  • Consider the duration of the game. The total profit/loss in each game of chance always depends, among other factors, on how much time the player spends in the game. Therefore, if a person plans to play Craps for a long time, he has to calculate the value of each bet, which is one of the basiс strategies to dice games.
  • He has to adhere to one style of play: choose a betting strategy for him and follow it and adhere to it consistently. Craps can be played aggressively, with an increase in rates, or measuredly, at minimum rates. When changing the style of play in the process, a gambler risks losing more.
  • One of the basic principles of an effective Craps strategy involves raising bets after each win.

Playing Craps, Sic Bo or other dice games, it is always better to learn the betting odds (special tables exist). Basin on them, one can even create his own method that will help a player to win.

The strategy for dice games

Still, there are no perfect and properly explained strategies to dice games. Basically, gamblers simply follow the existing rules and need a little bit of luck. Nevertheless, the following tips can be taken into account.

Start playing for small sums

The limits must be set. One should never bet so much that it hurts to lose. Instead, a player should initially try not to fall below a certain amount. After a few wins, he can set the limits again. It is important in this context that the gambler informs himself about the conditions of a bonus in the chosen casino. It this game can be played with a bonus, the chance must not be missed.

Attention is needed

To be honest, special strategies don’t really exist. As with any game in an online casino, luck is a must. Nevertheless, it is advisable to be attentive. If the shooter wins several times in a row, the logic is successful in one of the next rounds. Since a player can bet on craps, he has to wait for the right moment, make a certain bet and be lucky.

The player could have a little more influence in a real dice game outside of an online casino. But real manipulation or influencing of the shooter is not possible here either. The gamer could try to distract him, but still, the dice will roll randomly. He can neither trick nor can the online casino manipulate the game. The software is provided by the most trusted companies.

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